Episode 2: Choosing Your Hosting Provider (Is hosting real)

Facebook Dislike Button

Facebook has said they are working on a dislike" button. We don't know what it will be yet. We don't know if it is optional or not. But it is on it's way to us.

5G Verizion says yes, others say no

Verizion competitor AT&T says Not so fast, to Verizions move towards 5G. Verizion says that if 5G became a reality it would be much faster and might be able to get whole movies downloaded in seconds.
Verizion seems to be a trailblazer and not so much with their competition. At least on the technology front this is true. Verizion is notoriously the most expensive option but has notably the best network and coverage.

If you have insight into what 5G might look like we would like to hear from you!

Apple iOS 9 Release

Compare and contrast iOS 8 vs. iOS 9 by Lewis Painter. We took a look on an older iPad and an iPhone 5s and it is pretty good. The older iPad could not use many of the features but the Phone had them all.

New features include split screen, power usage (longer life per charge), news app (like a feed reader), Notes, iCloud Drive, picture in picture.

More features you may want to know about by The Verge Staff

How to select the right hosting

Hosting companies come in many shapes and sizes and sometimes it is difficult to know what is the best for you.

What is hosting?

To be simple, your website or app is made up of lots of files. You can your website or app on your computer at home but if it gets turned off, your power goes out, or your internet connection brakes, your site goes away. You typically want to rent a hosting computer from a pro company because they take care of much of the security and technology tasks that many of us just are not suited to do.

It turns out you can use SSL with shared hosting but it is applied to the entire hosting box. Thanks to Scott Metcalf for pointing this out.

Standard marketing website hosting

High Performance Hosting

Hosting For Developers

Hosting comes in many shapes and sizes. You really need to contact a local professional to get a strong suggestion for what is best for you.

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